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A comprehensive beginner's guide to the tarot! 

If you are new to your tarot practice and would like to learn the basics, this e-book will provide you with the groundwork you will need to understand the cards and how to do readings.

Written in 2017. Ebook - so we highly recommend having a digital products app on your website that automatically issues the ebook upon purchase. Alternatively, you can manually email the customer the file.

Inside, you will find:

~A brief history of tarot 

~Notes on archetypes

~Meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana

~Breakdowns of the suits and their respective elements

~Astrological associations 

~How to read tarot

~Inspirational decks 

A great go-to guide on the go, from your phone or your computer! 

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Wholesale: 5.50USD per copy

Retail: 11.00USD per copy

Minimum order requirement: none

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