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Deemed the 'ultimate feminist' set in 2018, She Wolfe has now been updated to be even more inclusive and diverse! 

Themes of the Goddess archetype, desert dreamscapes and soft, pastel hues all work together in a visual dynamic that is clean, concise and impactful. 


This deck features dozens of women and a few men who elected to be a part of this ever-evolving project, embodying the archetypes with very little guidance - instead coming up with their own poses, and interpretations, of the tarot cards and their meanings. The result is a robust, organic body of work that comes together to celebrate not only the divine feminine but the human form.* 

Instead of borders, each suit (cups, wands, pentacles, swords) has its own subtle, muted pastel colour as a base. If you fan out the cards from 0-The Fool to Ten of Pentacles, you will see a soft rainbow! 

The symbolic nature of the artwork is based off of Thoth tarot, and for that reason is fairly intermediate. The accompanying guidebook is very in-depth, however (200 pages) and not only gives wonderful descriptions of the symbolism for you to follow along with, but shares abundant wisdom directly from Devany's own life experience. Countless customers have raved about the loving, supportive nature of the guidebook and how it has made She Wolfe their favourite deck of all time.

*Buyers please note: this deck features (and celebrates!) nudity. There is nothing sexual about the forms or the poses, but the imagery may offend some people nonetheless. For this reason She Wolfe will likely always remain indie with a cult following.  



~101.6 x 140mm

~ 80 card deck (78 standard tarot cards plus two 'secret arcana' based off of important astrological archetypes, created by Devany Amber Wolfe 

~ card edges gilded in rose gold foil 

~ 200 page guidebook written by Devany Amber Wolfe featuring artwork descriptions, questions, suggestions, mantras, light and shadow interpretations, reading spreads, glossary of important terms - and much more!

~ deck and booklet come inside of a gorgeous two-piece lift box, which is highly durable and will wear well over time


Wholesale: 42.00USD/unit

Retail: 75.00USD/unit

Minimum order requirement: 10 units,
5 for first time orders.

Samples for in store are available upon request for 1/2 wholesale price. 

Some fellow wholesaler captures

(a few previous editions shown)



What customers are saying

Beautiful tarot deck and great customer experience!

Alexandra G.

The She Wolfe Tarot has been a beautiful, valuable part of my journey towards empowerment, following intuition, healing and daily support. Thank you for the inspiration and divine art xxxx.

Hollie B.

She Wolfe!!!! Love it so much, I use it all the time and it gets better and better. Also used it as a paint palette when I remodelled my house. So needless to say I am engulfed in inspiration and earthy, otherworldly beauty. Thank you so much!

Natalee M.

I love the deck. The box was amazing, opening it was a whole experience itself. The cards are amazing quality, all of them stand out as one, and as part of the deck too. The art on the cards is unique and descriptive enough to make a personal meaning out of. The guide is detailed, its language is fascinating. English is not my first language, and I live for the beautiful expressions used. I also love that there are astrological insights as well. I was looking for a pack that I could put on my coffee table in my new flat, it did not disappoint. 

Kata D.

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