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Product description

The concept of I AM is simple and heartfelt: to aid in positive reinforcement and a solid, loving way of looking at oneself and the world.

In the first few years of life, we take in everything around us and it makes an imprint. Affirmations and mantras are now widely known for their potency to help form positive, healthy neurological and emotional pathways in the mind / body connection. 


This deck does just that. With loving, empowering intention, these 22 affirmation cards help give flight to your little one's journey into self-love, and love for all beings.

There is no guidebook with this deck as it is not necessary! The cards stand alone, each with their own potent and embracing message, utilizing colourful collage artwork as well as some black and white images to stimulate the eyes and mind. The card backs are an incredible iridescent rainbow for further fun and mesmerization!

The affirmations are written directly on the cards to help with learning to read.

~ 102 x 140 mm

~ 22 affirmation cards featuring adorable collage artwork by Devany Amber Wolfe with baby animals and beautiful, eye-catching scenery

~ cards are made from thick, "baby board" card stock for durability with curious little hands (and mouths!)

~ cards have a luminous, opalescent "moonstone" back design

~ comes in a durable, decorative two-piece lift box that will wear well over time

Wholesale: 25.00USD/unit

Retail: 45.00USD/unit

Minimum order requirement: 10 units,
5 for first time orders.

Samples for in store are available upon request for 1/2 wholesale price. 

What customers are saying

This deck is SO cute. I got it for my sister's baby and she loves it! She's entranced by the cards and the rainbow card backs.

Kate W.

Omg, this was the perfect gift! And the card thickness is perfect! Super sturdy and has held up to my nephew's curiosity!

Georgia S.

I use these in class with my students and they love them! Thank you.

Brian R.

I wasn't sure what to think...serpentfire making a baby deck!!! But she really outdid herself with this one. Goes to show how versatile she is, bravo.

Suzy P.

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